Teacher: Emilio Casabianca.

Friday 27 from 15 to 20 hs.
Saturday 28 from 10 to 20 hs.

Limited vacancy

More info: talleres.cifha@gmail.com

CIFHA has one of the most complete analogical laboratories in the country.

In this establishment you can practice the 3 most important photo-chemical techniques in history since the 19th century: Daguerreotype, Wet Colodion and Silver Bromide Gelatine.

Its 3 enlargers (Durst Laborator 1800 with 2000 CLS head, Beseler 45MX and Leitz Focomat 35) allow you to enlarge from a 35 mm negative to a 25 x 25 cm plate.

The large marble table and its stainless steel bowl, make it easy for the workshop to deploy, being able to be more precise and conscientious in their technique.

CIFHA's Laboratory has 35 m2 with safe gas extraction and air conditioning.

Maximum 7 members. 15 hours of workshop. Total 2 classes.

Thematic axes

  1. Negative B and N films. Light sensitivity, colour sensitivity, definition/resolution, latitude, contrast Forced, expiration.
    Choice of film.
  2. Process of negatives.
    Developer, retainer, fixer- Formulas
    Developing practice. Conservation of the material.
  3. The Enlarger.
    Types and formats, relationship between film format and lens.
    Enlargement targets.
  4. Photographic papers
    Types- RC / FB - Graduate, multigrade.
    Choice of paper
    Conservation - Museological characteristics
    Process : Developing, stopping, fixing, washing, hiccup removal, tacking.
  5. Copy that. Practical class.
    Shielding, tuning and retouching.
    Masks, focus and mosquitoes.
    Contacts- Elements.
    Extensions in different supports.
    From a 35 mm. negative to a 20 x 25 cm. plate.

More about Teacher: Emilio Casabianca.

He is a photographer, teacher and laboratory technician.

Head of the CIFHA analogue laboratory.

He's a specialist in black and white analog labs. He carries out restoration of old glass plates. Prepares chemicals for photographic processes.

In the professional field, he was in charge of Aldo Sessa's photographic laboratory, the area of photography and laboratory at Transcolor Sudamericana and Centro de Expresiones Artísticas y Culturales (C.E.A.C.); he was an automatic and manual printer at "Profesional Color SRL"; managing partner of "El Laboratorio SRL" and director of "El Laboratorio S.A.

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