CIFHA - Argentine Historical Photographic Research Center

CIFHA is a foundation dedicated to the organization, conservation, study and dissemination of Argentine photographic collections and holdings, both historical and contemporary. Its collection is made up of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, ferrotypes, albumin, glass negatives and positives, manuscripts and other unpublished documents from the most outstanding photographers of Argentine history from the mid-19th century to the present day.

The Center operates in the neighborhood of La Boca, in a property where the funds and collections are kept in a deposit under controlled temperature and humidity conditions (all year) favoring their state of conservation.

The main goals of the Center are:

  • To organize, preserve and disseminate the collections and holdings of Argentine historical photography under its custody.
  • Make available on-line access to information on the collections and holdings.
  • Study the collections and holdings in order to provide quality information.
  • Produce contemporary photography from historical and modern media.
  • To promote the enhancement of Argentina's photographic heritage.
  • To encourage interest in photographic technique and its scientific/artistic content for a diverse public.
  • To acquire new collections and funds that represent the wide range of the diverse photographic techniques and their different social uses throughout Argentine history.
  • To offer theoretical and practical training, both to specialists in the field and to the general public.

CIFHA offers workshops and seminars and its laboratory has the service of silver bromide gelatin copies as well as black and white film development; being the only analogical laboratory that makes color copies.

With the interdisciplinary work of outstanding professionals in photography and conservation, most of the collections and holdings have been preserved and stabilized. In addition, some of them have been studied in depth, leading to research, publications and renowned photographic exhibitions.