Serial production of photographs in Argentina, 1855-1930
CIFHA Collection
Alfredo Srur - Diego Guerra

The two hundred and seventy-four photographic portraits gathered in this book were produced between 1855 and 1930 and constitute a sample of the production and circulation of photographs in Argentina in the emerging stage of the mechanical reproduction of images.

Presented by a rigorous historical essay, this collection is only one of the many archives of historical photography rescued by the Argentine Historical Photographic Research Center (CIFHA), an institution that since 2013 preserves, researches and disseminates the Argentine photographic heritage of the 19th and 20th centuries.

With this first publication, CIFHA and its team hope to contribute to the historical knowledge of Argentine photography, as well as to the enhancement of our photographic heritage and the hierarchization of its authors, both historical and contemporary.

Declared of Cultural Interest by the NATIONAL MINISTRY OF CULTURE

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Haluros del Sur
Colección Cifha
19,50 x 27,50cm, 232 páginas, 351 imágenes.

Publisher: Alfredo Srur
Historical research: Dr. Diego Fernando Guerra
Head of analogical laboratory: Emilio Casabianca
Conservative: Ana Masiello
Digitizer: Hugo Sorans
Consultant in ancient techniques: Clara Tomasini
Editorial design: Federico Bozzani
Digital image processing: Bob Lightowler
Assistant: Paula Zelarallán