CIFHA has six areas:

  • Archive
  • Analogical Laboratory
  • Library and Photographic Newspaper Library
  • Workshop and Conference Room
  • Archive, Conservation and Digital Preservation Room
  • Gallery

The archive is located in a vault, with controlled temperature and humidity all year round, where approximately 500,000 analogue photographic documents are kept.

Our laboratory offers copying services from analogical black and white and color media. We have three excellent quality enlargers, one of them is model Durst CLS 2000 / Laborator 1800, where you can enlarge negatives from 35 mm. to 25 x 25 cm. Some of the most important procedures in the history of photography can be performed such as: daguerreotypes, ferrotypes, ambrotypes, cyanotypes and copies / negatives in silver bromide gelatine.

We have more than 1,000 books dedicated to historical and contemporary photography, from both national and international authors. We are also working in the newspaper library, with more than 2,000 copies, most of them published in Argentina, from the end of the 19th century to the end of the 20th century.

The upper floor was a conventillo built in 1900, recently restored. With internal walls and a floor made of pine. The original plan is preserved in the AySA Archive of Plans and Historical Records, where it can be seen that a pulpería (small grocery store) used to operate on the ground floor; we assume that the upper floor was the home of the business owners. In 2008 we discovered several objects from that period buried in the patio. We carried out an archaeological excavation together with the area of Heritage and Historical Institute of the City of Buenos Aires; we preserved the pieces found.

We have a dedicated digital preservation server and a 24 TB NAS. For preservation we use Archivematica 1.10 connected to our AtoM file description application, which can be consulted online at []. The preservation of physical documents is also carried out in this area.

Our gallery (under construction) is located on the ground floor of the restored conventillo. It has an area of 100 m2 and the entrance is on the corner of Irala and Gral. Daniel Cerri streets.