The creation of CIFHA's photographic fund began in 2013. Through donations, purchases and research, we have managed to rescue dozens of collections in danger. We have part of the existing material catalogued, estimated at more than 500,000 documentary units, of the most diverse techniques and photographers. From daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, ferrotypes, albums, silver bromide gelatin copies to manuscripts, albums, visitor's cards and stereoscopic photography. We are in the stage of cleaning, cataloguing and digitalization.

We are working with the background of the famous American photographer Harry Grant Olds. We have preserved some of his late 19th century glass negatives, much of his early 20th century commercial work in Argentina, hundreds of handwritten letters and documentation of his early years in Valparaíso and Buenos Aires from 1899 to 1943, the year of his death.

The stereoscopic background of the doctor and amateur photographer Bernardo Croce was recently benefited by the Patronage Law of the City of Buenos Aires. Its cleaning, cataloguing and digitalization is imminent.

Harry Grants Olds, 389. Tipos populares / Buenos Aires, S.A. Negativo en vidrio 20 x 25 cm. (circa 1901)
Harry Grants Olds. 389. Tipos Populares. Buenos Aires, S.A. Glass plate negative 20 x 25 cm. (circa 1901) / Colección CIFHA
Digitalización en alta resolución a partir del negativo original de H. G. Olds

Some of the authors that make up CIFHA's collection are