(Buenos Aires 1897 / 1952)

He was the editor of the weekly magazine Film Grafico of Tucumán in 1917, the first publication dedicated to cinema known in Argentina. In 1921, in Buenos Aires, he founded Correo Fotográfico Sudamericano magazine, which was originally published weekly. It was the most important photographic edition in Latin America, with international distribution. Alejandro del Conte was undoubtedly one of the most influential figures of the time.

In 1934 he directed the film La Barra del Taponazo, one of the last silent films. It is currently lost.

Says historian Juan Gomez:
"Photographer, journalist, writer, filmmaker; but above all a true diffuser of the Art of Photography. Although he made his first weapons as a journalist in the now disappeared PBT magazine, he managed to achieve his maximum aspiration when in 1921 he managed to found one of the most important photography magazines of all times: Correo Fotográfico Sudamericano, a biweekly magazine that he directed until his death... [...] Del Conte was the founder of notable photographic institutions in the country, he edited renowned photography and cinematography manuals, promoting authors of the stature of Zappa, Calógero and others. He was a remarkable photographic teacher, from his own publishing house -where he had set up shooting galleries and experimental laboratories-, he taught many -then- successful authors, for free, the most diverse photographic techniques. He was also the manager and promoter of our Argentine Federation of Photography and other professional associations in our field. He deserves to be remembered much more assiduously".
(Gómez, 1994, p. 8).

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